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About the Staff

About the Staff

Tranzitz Courier & Transportation Services is a nationwide courier and notarial service. Offering our customers with one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and qualified individuals in the industry. Our management team, in conjunction with corporate personnel, supporting over 15 regional managers who supports over 140 facilities throughout the United States. More than 150 employees and over 200 Independent Contractors (external driving partners) to facilitate the needs of our customers. From Management, Customer Service Specialists, Dispatchers, and Fleet Coordinators, our management team and corporate personnel average more than 15 years of industry experience. In addition, Tranzitz Courier & Transportation Services affiliate with many industry’s top trade associations. These affiliations provide our team with instantaneous industry knowledge, growing trends, and best practices.

Our Field Reps. & Market Analysis Reps. are logistics expertise, has directs local employees and over 1,500 owner-operator driving partners who’s committed to your satisfaction and exceeds your expectations. Our company’s fundamentals components training consists of Driver’s Essential Training, Company-wide Training and Mandatory D.O.T Compliance Training in accordance to Sec. 49 CFR 382.603 FMCSA regulations and Federal regulations 49 CFR 382.507 and 49 USC 521 (b). In addition, our training includes our company’s quarterly review of the Code of Conduct and industry practices. All shipments are transported in secured vehicles at all times, driving partner’s wear photo identification badges for your protection and identifies themselves when on-site.